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What does Qubit do?

We’re building the technology that helps retailers understand their customers and give each person a unique experience.

There are three major problems we work on at Qubit:

  • How do we collect, process and store in realtime the billions of events our clients send us every day?
  • How do we make sense of all that data?
  • How do we deliver personalised experiences based on those insights on multiple platforms?

We collect hundreds of millions of data points from our client's websites and pipe them through our realtime data processing pipeline. We then surface the data in our products for our users to explore and act upon by serving back tens of millions of personalizations to enhance the sites.

We’ve inherited a technology centric culture from our Google founders. We like to focus on ambitious problems that have a large impact on the world. We hire smart engineers and give them the freedom to solve problems how they see fit.

What would I do at Qubit?

Building and improving a range of innovative products and services that clients use to understand their visitors, personalise their visitors experiences, and see the impact of these changes. You’ll get to set the direction of what’s being built. There are no predefined technologies. Except JavaScript; which we love (but please, no semicolons).

Currently we’re using ES2016 (now better known as Babel stage 0), our teams are quite keen on React and Redux, and our web servers are mostly node.js.

You’ll get to write code that runs on hundreds of millions of browsers every day, so you’ll have to be sensitive to the size and performance of that code. Your work will be released early, shipped frequently, and you’ll be responsible for making sure it works and iterating on improvements. To back you up you’ll have the support of a talented, enthusiastic and friendly engineering team.

Qubit’s platform consumes and enriches billions of events a day, and serves out millions of personalisations to some of the biggest properties on the Internet. Our platform provides the backbone on which all of Qubit’s rich SaaS products are built.

You will help us engineer and maintain a low-latency, high-throughput platform that is responsible for capturing, validating, enriching, storing, and serving billions of data points. This entails full-stack engineering from writing real-time processing applications to scaling up our distributed data storage solutions and from tuning JVMs to working with globally distributed infrastructure. Stable, deterministic, well-documented, fully-tested, scalable, and concurrent are some of the keywords that will apply to your code.

We are happy to embrace new technologies and tools that help us solve the hard problems intrinsic to a rapidly growing, disruptive technology such as ours. The current version of the platform leverages the following: Kafka, Hadoop, Storm, Spark, Dataflow, HBase, BigTable, BigQuery, Hive, Redshift, Redis, Java, Scala, Python, Go, Clojure, Avro, Protobuf, et al. We love open source and so should you. Oh, and we also get early access to technology before anyone else in the industry.

We provide a platform to enable engineers to solve their biggest problems. Building tools and services that support, run and monitor everything that Qubit deploys. We develop and maintain a ridiculously diverse range of services and platforms on a hybrid cloud infrastructure, with more on the horizon as our engineers bring us new requirements.

With data rates that grow exponentially, and engineers that won’t accept downtime, we work to ensure the integrity and security of our entire data pipeline, along with the myriad of services that interact with it. We operate closely (sometimes embedded) with other teams and work together to architect and build solutions.

The huge volumes of data we collect for our clients often benefit from an automated approach, so the Data Science team brings elements of machine learning and statistics to the whole Qubit product suite. Our research runs from the techniques behind A/B testing through recommendation engines, natural language processing and much more.

Data Scientists at Qubit have the opportunity to own their whole project, from designing algorithms all the way through to getting face-to-face feedback from clients on how they use your work. We use a range of technologies depending on what’s needed to get the job done. We spend a lot of our time buried in IPython notebooks, but we also write bits of Scala, R, Java and even some occasional C++.

We’ve complex problems to solve, and you’ll help us with this. You’ll be joining a growing UX & Product Design team working across the whole spectrum of the product development process - from understanding our customer’s requirements to prototyping fluid workflows and tweak pixels before launch.

You’ll need to utilise your full range of UX, interaction and visual design skills to create elegant product experiences to the incredibly high standards we expect. Insights and metrics analysis are fundamental elements and you love them as much as you love to play with Sketch and Marvel App, or pretty much any tool able to make your process faster and better.

We’re looking for the best Product Designers to help us build a world class platform, trusted by the leading eCommerce businesses, and delivering experiences impacting millions of customers across the globe.

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We ❤ Open Source

Yes, we try and open source some of our stuff. We hope you'll join us to help us ship more of this. Here are some of the projects we're most proud of:

674 Stars
34 Contributors
HAProxy auto configuration and auto service discovery for Mesos Marathon
75 Stars
14 Contributors
A flexible nested router
1124 Stars
41 Contributors
A Javascript library for state management in React applications
219 Stars
6 Contributors
Simple and concise React component testing
40 Stars
3 Contributors
A simple component to render a sparkline with D3
5 Stars
4 Contributors
An RPC implementation on top of window.postMessage for cross context communication in the browser

To see even more, head to http://github.com/QubitProducts

Engineering hubs

New York


Do you like working here?


Are there lots of fun challenges?


Did the engineering team hack this website together in a day?


Are all of your answers going to be 'yes'?


Does this site have a super awesome realtime websocket chat integrated to engineering Slack in the dev console?

... maaaaaaybe?

What are some of your favourite perks?

Free yoga, free yoghurt, (seriously though, fully stocked kitchen), get to choose whatever computer you like (as long as it's *nix).

Do you play foosball?

Lots. And we even have a Slack bot called "foosbot" that keeps track of highscores and uses probabilistic models to predict game outcomes.

How do you communicate internally?

Several different ways. Our favourite at the moment is Slack.

What are your favourite coffee shops?

We have a good selection in Covent Garden with New Row, Timberyard and Monmouth and also Soho is nearby with the incredible Rapha, Flat White and Tap.

What's your favourite cheese?